Hi, this is ( name) from The Deley group of American Income, I just wanted to reach out and see what you thought of the webinar overview today?

 Great, well we received your questionnaire, and first I’d like to thank you for your time today.

Now part of the reason I was calling you back is because I want to see what your schedule looks like tomorrow, as we would like to invite you back for a virtual final one-on-one interview?  Great week I have a (time) or a (time),

Which works best for you?

 Please write down any questions you have and have them with you so we can get all your questions answered, then we will have some for you, and if we both feel good about things, then we can move forward with an offer from there.

Have a Great day, I will be sending you a link

And I look forward to meeting with you tomorrow!

ACE – 612-750-8922

ADAM – 890-101-0476

ANTHONY – 612-358-6273

BRANDON SCHARMER – 911-954-2130

BOBBY LO – 936-305-6050

CRYSTAL – 535-645-5944

DERRICK – 617-681-3956

ERIC KELLY – 409-782-3790

MATT TIEN – 477-5625057

AUTUMN DESLAURIES – 651-432-2521